Welcome to the future

Technology is growing rapidly. In the beginning, we used 2G, then 3G came and 4G also came.Friends, this is the time of technology.Now, 5G will also be launched in 1 year or 2 years later.I am going to tell you about some upcoming technologies in this blog.So let's start.My name is Raj Khosla and welcome to my blog "".
The first technology that you can get to see in future is named as "HyperLoop".HyperLoop
I know that you have heard this name somewhere.Why is this hyperloop?
HyperLoop is a technology that lets you travel with the help of the magnetic field inside the tube, it will not touch any track and there will be no air pressure on it. 
Here you will get maximum speed. Its maximum speed will be 100 kilometer per hour, For example, you will reach Delhi from Mumbai within 1 to 1½ hours only.

A popular man whose name is "Alan Musk" founded this concept.Yes, you must have heard the name of "Tesla" probably I will not hav…

Youtube was not working all over the world on Wednesday morning for 30 minute.

Hey, guys, this is Raj. Welcome to "".
Today's morning I was walking around my village and my friend Ashis called me and told that Youtube is not working! At that time what I supposed to say him. To make sure I checked my youtube app, many browsers on my phone and my PC as well and guess what really youtube was not working anymore. When I opened youtube once, twice and again and again an error message was showing "There was a problem with the network [503]" all the time. After 30 minutes youtube worked properly. "Youtube" a big online video streaming platform how can be crashed? A big question was arising on my mind, so I researched my self about that problem and came to these conclusions.
Google streaming service YouTube was inaccessible on Wednesday morning as users were greeted with a blank page that showed no videos or displayed a network error on the mobile app. The service was back up as of 11 a.m. HK/SIN time, although YouT…

Global internet will shut down for the next 48 hours In the whole world..!!!

You are getting many types of articles about this. It is being told that in the next 48 hours the internet will shut down all over the world. Some people are happy here, so some people are sad about it. The question arises as to how the internet might be closed for the next 48 hours and what will be the result? Don't worry here I am to inform you. Internet users across the world may experience widespread network failure as the key domain servers are slated to undergo routine maintenance over the next 48 hours. Russia Today news announced that global internet users might experience network connection failures as the main domain service and its related network Infrastructures will be down for some time. The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN) is responsible for it. ICANN  will carry out maintenance work during this time.  By changing the cryptographic key that helps protect the internets address book or the Domain Name System(DNS). for example, …

Should we Root our android devices ??

Hey, guys, this is Raj !!  Welcome to  You are probably thinking right now should I root my phone or not? well,  you are in right place. Rooting and unrooting in Android phone is not a big deal but there are some advantages and disadvantages of rooting a smartphone. In the case of iOS, it is known as Jailbreak.  it's 2018 and everyone using smartphones. In current situation technology is gone so far. We are using the smartphone for various purposes. So ultimately smartphone is like a part of our daily life. The maximum lifespan of a smartphone is three to four years. Then after smartphones get slow down over time. In such cases what should we do?
In that case, my friends rooting a phone is useful.  I'm using Samsung Galaxy j7 from 2015. I have rooted my device two years ago and it works fine.  Ok, enough intro let's get into the main motive. There are several  advantages of rooting a device such as ;



In this blog I will tell you HOW TO ACTIVATE WINDOWS EASILY BY SOME FEW lets get started.

First make sue that you have PC with internet connection and any web browser ,if you have it then follow the steps.
STEPSOpen any browser and in URL type all the text.Now create a new text document and paste all the text you have copied.Click on save as and name the file windows.cmd and save it.Open the file as administrator.command promt will open. And that's it. windows will take some time to activate it, wait for some time . Now you can check whether windows is activated or not just by opening the properties of the PC.